Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been gamed

While checking links to my photo of a red barn on a snowy morning, I noticed one from Facebook. Some of my photos provide the backgrounds for numerous MySpace pages, I thought, so why not?

I followed the link and discovered that the photo was used to play “The Album Game.” According to Rebecca Dennison, the game is played thusly:

Go to Wikipedia and select “Random Article.” The first random article’s heading is the name of your band.

Next, select “Random Quotation.” The last few words of the last quote on the page is your album’s title.

Go to Flickr and select “Explore Interesting Photos from the Last Seven Days.” The third photo, no matter what it is, is your album cover picture.

You can then put it all together in the design program of your choice, then post it to Facebook and tag three friends to do the same.

Kind of an unfortunate choice for the name of the band, but I like the title and it all seems to work in a strange kind of way.

Ah, to have that much free time.

EDIT: Okay, I took some free time to play the game. I couldn't find a random quote generator on Wikipedia, but I just Googled for a quotation site and took the first one that came up. Ok, done.


Dona said...

Ha -- I saw that game today on facebook but didn't participate because the photos I was supposed to use were never creative commons -- always "All rights reserved". I didn't want to use someone's photo without permission.

Glad you were ok with someone using yours.

James said...

Almost all of my Flickr photos are posted Creative Commons - attribution, non-commercial. I don't get too hung up on people who want to use my photos for wallpaper and silly games. I just now discovered that a couple of my photos are available for use as wallpaper on iPhones.