Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ready to rock some Wagner

Last November I had a chance to photograph the Roosevelt University Symphony Orchestra and Concert Choir in action for some promotional shots to be used in the school’s marketing materials. I was allowed onstage during the dress rehearsal before the performance and was given the run of the house during the performance. I even talked my way into the balcony, which was closed to the public that night. It helps to be friendly and polite to the ushers.

This was taken from front center of the balcony during the moment of silence before the piece – a portion from Wagner’s Ring Cycle - began. The crowd is hushed, the conductor has raised his hands and the musicians await the drop of the baton.

For the past 15 years, three of my kids have been involved in music and orchestras – my oldest daughter was a floutist through high school, my youngest son is a jazz studies major and drumset performer working on his doctorate at the University of Illinois and my youngest daughter is a senior studying cello performance at Roosevelt University in Chicago (she’s in the third row of cellos, second chair in). I figure I’ve attended more than 100 concerts and recitals during the last decade and a half. I’m just glad the music gets better the farther the kids go.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2008 James Jordan.


kelli said...

So... all is quiet and then "CLICK"...Jim takes a pic? :)

We're in Suzuki Book 1 for violin right now.
Thanks for the reminder that the music gets better the farther they go!

James said...

Yes, to me, the click sounded like a sonic boom. Hopefully, I was far enough away from the audience so they weren't bothered by it. But I admit it - I violated the moment in the act of capturing it.

Laurie said...

3 Harps...I'm impressed. Beautiful shot here. I have done work like this for a couple of local orchestras and I always enjoy it.

Sounds like us. We have a family of musicians too. My oldest only played trumpet recreationally in school, but my other 2 are very serious musicians. My middle son plays flute (not so much), bassoon and piano and is majoring in bassoon performance (and biology) at Rutgers/Mason Gross.

My youngest is a violinist and violist and he is enrolled in the Academy of Performing Arts program in his high school and intends to be a music major in college. He may pursue music technology as well. He is the sound guy on the stage crew at school and is very interested in that field as well. He has a good friend who is also involved with the Arts Academy and his dad is one of the stage managers for the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. He has taken the kids to see what goes on behind the scenes, which was really wonderful for them.

I have been so involved with them and their music over the years. I was music librarian and rehearsal manager for one inter-generational orchestra the kids were in and I am still the music librarian and administrative manager for the youth orchestra they were in and my youngest is still in.

It is such a wonderful thing for kids to be involved in. They can take it with them forever even if they don't become professionals there will always be a place for them to play in the community.

Wanda said...

This is really cool... I'm glad your kids have been involved in music. We love that our grandchildren (some of them) are in music.

Next week we are going to hear our grandson (11 Yrs) play his guitar at a school concert.

Nukke said...

That is sure very strong and fine music !!! Professionals in pic.