Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Colonel

Taken at the Fall Fest parade in Sister Bay, Wisconsin last October. This distinguished looking gentleman was the grand marshal of the parade, riding at the front of the procession in a military jeep.

I was kneeling on the street at the front of the crowd and had my camera trained on him (55-200 lens at full zoom) and was ready to shoot when someone standing behind me and slightly left called to him. He turned and I snapped just as he spotted and recognized the person calling his name. I like the mixture of expressions at this moment - his eyes searching and finding with the faintest hint of a smile beginning to emerge. The green beret, decorations and lines in his face would probably provide a very interesting story.

Post processed in Photoshop Elements with Shadow and Highlight adjustment (which I believe corresponds to curves in full blown Photoshop - PSE just doesn't show the curve while adjusting - someone correct me if I'm wrong). Color desaturated a tad and unsharp mask applied.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2008 James Jordan.


kelli said...

great picture, jim!! what a great expression...

Wanda said...

Oh I love that face! I love the expression you captured and would love to hear his story!!!


Laurie said...

His face is so full of character. Wonderful shot.

BTW...I replied to your inquiry. I hope I explained things in a clear way...I am not a very good technical writer.