Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art imitates art

I made this picture in March of 2006. Since then it's racked up several thousand views here and at Flickr, and has been used to illustrate Web articles on everything from mad cow disease to tainted milk.

Last night, a commenter at Flickr marked this photo as a Favorite and mentioned that it reminded her of the work of an Australian impressionist painter of the early 1900s. I had never heard of him or seen his work until now. But there are some interesting parallels in the two works of art.

Who knew? I guess there's nothing new under the sun of a frosty spring morning.

Photograph © 2006 James Jordan


Laurie said...

I saw this one on the VFXY Buzz page and this is gorgeous!!! Just wonderful with that light.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I agree, as an Australian your photo instantly reminded me of Gruner's painting which is well known here.

paolo said...

great play of light and shadows.
i love the shadows from the cow's legs and their silhouettes!