Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter is here

It's been a while since I built a video montage of photographs. (You can check out some of my past video efforts here.) Winter is a collection of my photographs of the season, both bleak and bright, expressive music by Steve Wick and a quote from artist Andrew Wyeth to mark the winter solstice.

Winter is a time of both endings and beginnings. Although the face of the earth appears barren, life continues to course just below the surface, waiting for the fullness of time to make its appearance again.

We've crossed the threshhold. We're now on our way to spring.

Video © 2008 James Jordan.


Dona said...

Lovely James! We're headed your way tonight -- think we'll see snow?

James said...

You will see snow - we're going to get from three to six inches of the white stuff today.