Monday, December 01, 2008

What to my wondering eyes should appear ...

I think that we could all probably use some more wonder in our daily diets. A serving of slack-jawed awe. A few more goose bumps. An occasional side dish of pure delight.

I know that I get faded and jaded by the ordinary-ness of life. I skip the AOL story about the never-before-seen sea creature that scientists just discovered and click on the story of baby naming trends in the wake of the presidential election. Sea creature. Big deal. Maybe we can call it the Barack-Osaurus.

For a few minutes, at least, I'd love to see the world as a two-year-old does, where practically everything is new. Where magic is commonplace. Where miracles occur on a regular basis. It's the same stuff that you and I see, but it's seen in a different way.

I'll work on it. December is a good month for doing that kind of thing.

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dan said...

nice :-)