Monday, November 24, 2008

Things I’m thankful for #1

News flash – things that don’t get used fall apart. The old junker cars that Roger and I visited in the woods last week are testimony to that. What used to be sleek, fully appointed vehicles of egress now sit stripped to their steel skeletons – helped by vandals, certainly, but also eaten by the elements.

What does that have to do about being thankful? Since losing my job in early September, I’ve rediscovered some creative muscle that had gone unused in my old job. Skills that had sat dormant and decaying have been called upon one more time. Those have come in handy to land some freelance writing and photography gigs to help keep my financial ship afloat. I believe the self-help gurus would call that “being stretched.”

So I am thankful that the day the money runs out keeps getting pushed farther into next year. I’m thankful the Lord has provided some projects that can lay the foundations for new ventures in the future. I’m thankful that the parts of me that have rusted are now burnished bright again.

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n8 said...

Thank you for sharing that. That is so encouraging.