Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hey, it's a start

When I was a young boy back in the 1960s, and it was time to get my hair cut, my mom would give me a couple of dollars and have me walk two blocks to the downtown area of the little Michigan town we lived in to visit the barber shop. Hanging among the patriotic posters on the wall of the shop ("America, Love It or Leave It," etc.) was a framed dollar bill. I was a budding fan of money myself, but didn't understand the need to go to the trouble of framing it. Later I learned that businesses displayed the "first dollar" they earned as a celebratory milestone, with the hopes of more dollar bills to come.

So, here is my "first dollar" display - the first photograph of mine downloaded from iStock. I've been an iStock photo supplier for a whopping two weeks and have uploaded about 17 pictures so far. Each upload is reviewed by a set of human eyeballs, and the approval process can run a week or more, so in actuality, only five of my photos have been live on the site for just a few days.

Hoping for more to come.


JL said...

Great shot, I want to push my little Honda Fit through those corners. Congrats!

Wanda said...

I think that photo is a lovely "Dollar Bill" Mat it and frame it for all to see!

Joan Elizabeth said...

The other week when you showed the shots you selected as the first ones for i-stock I was very surprised that you had not included this one. I knew this would absolutely sell -- it has such interesting metaphors that can be applied to it, as well as being a spectacular picture. Congratulations.

I'm loving the B&W pics as well.

paolo said...

really a cool photo, with great amazing tones