Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wallpaper Wednesday

Yeah, it's a departure from the usual type of photograph I post here. But if you've been following Points of Light for more than a year (and there are a few of you), you'll know that I post some kind of weird picture around Halloween, and the picture usually involves fire in some way.

I picked up a small plastic skull in the Halloween section of a grocery store a few years ago for about three bucks. You don't often see toy skulls that are correctly proportioned any more. Or that haven't been painted with all sorts of garish faux-spooky colors. Or don't have goofy looking eyeballs in the sockets.

Anyhow, I suspended my anatomically correct, non painted, eyeball-less skull in front of a black backdrop while I passed an oil candle around it during a 20 second exposure. The result is pretty much as it came from the camera. Maybe a slight adjustment of the overall levels, but that's it.

If you're really into skulls, there's this person (Noah Scalin) who posted an artsy skull on his blog every day for a year. Those creations have been published in a book, Skulls. The second year of his blog features skull art contributed by readers. Take a look if you dare.

Oh, yeah ... the Wallpaper Wednesday bit: I'm starting a new thing where I offer photos that you can use as desktop wallpaper on your computer screen every Wednesday, starting today. We'll see how long I can keep this up. The pictures on Wallpaper Wednesdays are yours for the taking. Well, actually, the pictures I post here are yours for the taking every day. How am I going to know who snitches them? The only difference is that on Wednesdays I'll provide pictures in five sizes to accomodate the five most popular screen sizes of computers that visit here.

Click on the picture above to open a 1440x900 size version. Right click and select "Set as background" or whatever your browser denotes as setting your desktop background.


Photographs © 2008 James Jordan.


keltic said...

very cool...but the kids are freaked out and asking way too many question about this.

we might have to wait for the cute puppies and kitties Wallpaper Wednesday edition. :)

James said...

it's never too early for a good old fashioned object lesson about hell. But do as you feel you need to. More kid-friendly fall-ish stuff to come. :-)

Wanda said...

Oh James.....this is so cool and all it needs is some spooky music to go along with a great shot!!!