Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tiny geometries

The spiders are busy these days. Hundreds of webs glistened in the early morning light as I took a walk in a meadow on a misty morning last week. Not only has the business climate been good enough for the enterprising arachnids to open multiple locations, each has been successful enough for the eight-legged creatures to get fat on numerous customers to their web sites.

I have some nice close-ups of some of the webmasters - maybe I'll post some of those later this week.

This particular web sat in the shade of some trees and brush. Bright spots of sunlight shone through the backdrop and formed out-of-focus circles of light (referred to as bokeh or circles of confusion) due to the close focus and wide open aperture of the lens I was using (an 18-55mm zoom set at 55mm with a +7 stack of closeup filters). The shade created a light blue cast which was accentuated in post processing.

I've been blogged: It seems I have a fan at Coloursmag.com - Zeeshan Kazmi has compiled a list of 20 Amazing Landscapes and selected three of my photos (#11, #12 and #14) to be part of the group. My appreciation to Zeeshan.

Click on this post's headline to see EXIF data on the photo. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2008 James Jordan.

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Myfanwy said...

Those dew drops make it quite magical. Thanks for sharing