Sunday, July 27, 2008

Running with the brides

So my daughter, who is getting married in a year and who has decided to do nearly everything by her(our)self(ves) - and cheap - had a plan for obtaining her wedding gown. The plan involved getting up at four in the morning and driving to Chicago to participate in the Running of the Brides at Filene's Basement.

So a team of seven (including dad), waited outside the store on Friday morning for our chance to grab, bargain and barter with 1200 other people for a chance at one of 275 wedding gowns - many of them priced at just $249. Firmly positioned in the middle of the pack (the frontrunners had arrived the night before to camp out on the street), we discovered that the racks were cleared out probably before we even got to the door.

Two hours later, we had begged and bartered our way to "the gown."

I had often seen news clips of the mayhem that is the Running of the Brides on TV, but never dreamed that I would actually participate in one. I actually got to take some photos and shot enough video to put together a five-minute clip of our adventure.

One more item for the bucket list, I guess.

So what did you do this weekend?

Note: My apologies to those who have commented on this post - an editing accident wiped out all of the comments. Bad Blogspot! Bad!

A later note: The comments are now back. Good Blogspot. Good!


Steve said...

Gotta say, that looked absolutely miserable. Having two girls myself, I think I'll now be encouraging them even more to elope.

kelli said...

I like her cute little dance after she looks at herself in the mirror and knows it's "The one!"
Congrats on the victory!

James said...

It's not that bad ... no, wait ... as I think back on it ... it was that bad.

Kelli, that was my favorite part of the day, knowing that she found what she was looking for (and that we could leave shortly).

Tex said...

This makes me grateful that my Mom is making my dress for next year. Takes longer, yes, but doesn't entail that craziness.

James said...

Agreed, the Running of the Brides is not for everyone (I and my other daughter were selected based on our negotiating skills, and we wound up supplying the bulk of the gowns that my daughter tried on).

When we left after two hours, the hubbub had died down and there were a good number of gowns still on the racks. A person could go to the sale later in the day, skip the chaos, and still possibly find a winner.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness James... I've missed several posts and just getting caught up...

I'm so worn out from watching this I can hardly type.

What a good Dad you were to go with them.

Beautiful dress...and daughter.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, Jim.
Makes me glad Kelli happily wore mine. :)


waxwing said...

That was great! Was that you in the last shot? On the right?

James said...

'Tis me indeed, making a rare appearance on the other side of my camera. Taken by a mom we asked to snap a photo of us.