Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Racine, Wisconsin is a fairly typical Midwestern town that just happens to sit on Lake Michigan. It is trying very hard to recast itself as an artist’s community, and I think it has a good shot at succeeding. They city has invested heavily in its waterfront area, which is a boost to downtown businesses. If initiatives like Create Uptown Racine can coax more people off Interstate 94, they will do well.

And I’m not just saying that because one of my photos of the Racine harbor was selected for the Create Uptown Racine Web site. I’ve long been a fan of the city and its waterfront, and have the photos to prove it.

Photo: Old Racine breakwater light with Wind Point Lighthouse in the distance. Photograph © James Jordan.


TypographyShop said...

Hi James,

We're very happy to have your beautiful work on our site and have been getting wonderful compliments about it.

We should have your photo credit up in the next couple of days. We're still tackling the details. Thanks again!


HeyJules said...

James, that photo is to die for. No wonder they wanted it.

Steve said...

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