Sunday, April 13, 2008

Things change

Ever see or hear something that shoots you back ten, twenty or even thirty years into the past? That happened to me this weekend, when I saw my wife playing with a toddler. Our kids are grown and in various stages of making a life for themselves. But seeing her make that little boy laugh out loud shot me back to the days when she did that for our oldest son. "Man, things sure change," I told myself.

Steve Wick captured that feeling for me in a musical composition entitled Things Change. I rounded up some photographs of the ever-changing face of the moon and combined them into a video slideshow.

The video is hosted on Flickr, which launched video uploading capabilities last week. My early tests have led me to conclude that the quality level of their video blows a couple of well-known video-hosting sites completely out of the water.

Give it a couple of seconds to buffer up, then let it rip. Enjoy.

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