Friday, April 18, 2008

Shakin' in Illinois

I've been involved in three earthquakes in my lifetime. I didn't notice the first one and I slept through the other two. Early this morning, a magnitude-5.2 earthquake hit central Illinois. Slight damage was reported near the quake's epicenter. People reported feeling the earth move as far away as Chicago and Milwaukee.

I may have experienced some ripples in the waterbed in which I sleep, but I slept through it, just as I did an early morning quake that struck Michigan three decades ago. Another quake rippled Michigan in the 1980s during the day. Co-workers at my place of employment came into my office describing the tremor they felt as it passed through the building. I hadn't noticed anything.

Guess I'm not a seismic kind of guy. And I was born in Japan. Go figure.

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Dona said...

I called my mom as soon as I heard about the earthquake. She slept through it too. If it had happened last week, I would have been awake, packing for my trip back to Maryland. Perhaps I would have felt it.

I missed the last one in Illinois too -- I mean the last one I was present for. I was in a bowling alley of all places!