Thursday, March 06, 2008


The Forbes list of the world’s billionaires came out yesterday, and once again, I didn’t quite make it onto the list. Missed it by just $999.99 million or so. Maybe next year.

Bill Gates is no longer number 1. After 13 years at the top, he was bumped by Warren Buffet (no relation to Jimmy), who had a better year than I did, apparently.

The youngest billionaire? The 23-year-old who founded Facebook in his college dorm room in 2004. Now why couldn't one of my kids do something like that? And after all those video games I bought them, too.

There are some things more important than money. There has to be because I don’t have any. But I will be taking a few days to hit the road for both business and pleasure. Hopefully the pleasure part will involve some picture taking – one of the things that beats money for me.

Sure, Warren, Bill, Jimmy and the Facebook dude are cruisin.' But hey, so am I, just at a slower speed and in a smaller vehicle.

Stay tuned and take care.

Photo: Classic car show, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Click on picture to go back in time. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


Wanda said...

You right -- there are some things more important than money ~~ like that snazzy car and that good lookin milkshake!!!

Maybe we'll make the list next year?? ((smile))

Joe said...

Awesome photo. You truly are an artist with the camera - with a gift like that, who needs to be a billionaire?

Anthony said...

You, my friend, are one of the only people who consistently amazes me with what you produce.

My "artistic photography" doesn't compare.

I'm hoping you'll point your camera for one simple shot and share the view out your window.

Cynthia Blue said...

LOL yeah... cruisin' is good, no matter what size car you have. :)

Em Dy said...

Love the shot. Cool concept.