Monday, February 11, 2008

White on white

A white chrysantemum on a white background. Traditionally, the white mum symbolizes truth and love, or true love if you will.

Photo blogging: Bye bye, Polaroid instant film. Polaroid has announced it will discontinue the manufacturing of its instant film once it reaches stockpiles that will last through 2009. No comment yet from Elsa Dorfman, a portrait photographer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who uses a monstrous camera that uses 20x24 inch sheets of instant film.

I need to stock up – I inherited a 70s-vintage Polaroid from my father and I want to re-experience Polaroid photography before it’s gone forever. To reacquaint you with the Polaroid aesthetic, there are a number of Polaroid photo groups on Flickr.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2008 James Jordan. Inset photo © Elsa Dorfman.


Wanda said...

I love white on white, and true love aint so bad either!!

I have two old Polaroid Cameras.
I let my grandchildren use them and the little ones, call it the "magic camera". At least you can still by film for the ones I have.

Tran said...

I love this photo very much and would like to use it as background photo for my Yahoo 360 blog.
If you don't mind, is it possible?
Thank you very much for taking such a nice picture.

James said...

Tran, yes you may use the photo on your blog. Id appreciate a credit and a link back to this blog, but otherwise, have at it. You may click on the picture for a 1024 x 786 version which can be saved.