Monday, February 04, 2008

Pastoral performance

I’ve had the privilege of having my photography featured on a number of music CDs. The latest is on a new release by The Carducci Quartet, a talented young string quartet in the UK. Fantasia and Quartets is the world premiere recording of the string chamber music of Viennese-born, English-bred composer Joseph Horovitz. The quartet and composer were searching for an image of a pastoral setting when they came across a photo I had taken in Cades Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Cellist Emma Denton contacted me about using the photo.

The Carducci Quartet maintain a MySpace page which features an excerpt of themselves performing Horovitz’ Oboe Quartet (and selections from previous CDs as well). Click on the Horovitz link in their media player. The foursome has won a number of awards and competitions in their brief career. Their playing is technically brilliant and strongly emotive.

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Wanda said...

Very beautiful music, and the quartet members are good looking too.
Thanks for the link.