Monday, February 18, 2008

Bach, by popular demand

OK, so I'm the only one demanding it, but this is my blog after all. And it is my favorite cello piece (Prelude from Bach Cello Suite 1) and it is my favorite cellist (my daughter at her junior cello recital at the Chicago College for Performing Arts at Roosevelt University last Sunday).

Watch the video below and note the dancing fingers. She picked that up from one of her former teachers, who was the cellist for Harry Chapin back in the 70s. (Cats in the Cradle and Taxi been very very good to him.) That's about all she got from him, though. Very talented player, but not a very personable teacher.

I'm pretty confident that talent and fame won't spoil my daughter.

Photograph © 2008 James Jordan.


Formerly Affianced said...

lovely...also my favorite cello piece (tho I am by no means a knowledgable person when it comes to classical music) and she played it beautifully.

Wanda said...

I know you can't hear it....but I am aplauding big time!!!

That was so beautiful, your daughter and her talent.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Great job! I have always loved that song - especially that build-up to the ending!
(kelli w)