Monday, January 07, 2008

Toss up

Here's something to do to while away some time - Find a room with some stationary points of light. Set your digital camera for a one second exposure and the self timer for two seconds. Press the shutter button. Just before the shutter releases, toss the camera into the air. Don't forget to catch it. See what was recorded on the sensor. Repeat. It may take a whole lot of tossing, but you may eventually find something extremely interesting.


Wanda said...
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Wanda said...

James I had to delete my first comment because I was laughing so hard, I spelled every word wrong.

I was laughing because I can't imagine thowing my camera in the air as I have trouble walking and chewing gum... I rather clutsy at times, and I'm sure my camera would be broken in several pieces on the floor if I tried this.

But, I am glad you are a brave and nimble soul who can pull it's really quite lovely!!

Tes (Holland) said...

Great idea!! Wanna try by myself someday! Thnx!

lindall said...

how fun! i've just started taking pictures with a little digital (after more than 20 years - and still going - with my clunky nikon slr). i've done a little experimenting but i see there's lots of room for expansion! great photos.