Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moon shot

Every photo I’ve posted since Christmas has been made with my new Fujifilm Finepix S700 digital camera. Last night was the first clear night in several days, so I took a few minutes to take some shots of the first quarter moon. The S700 is a point and shoot, but it does allow for a complete manual takeover on focus and exposure (one of my prerequisites in choosing a digital camera – I need to be in control every now and then). So I went the full 10X optical zoom (equivalent to 380mm on a 35mm SLR), set the focus to infinity (autofocus is pretty much useless in the dark) and shot at 1/40 sec at f13.6 (the camera’s minimum aperture).

Pleased with what I got, I decided to incorporate the moon into an existing picture and rediscovered the dune shot I posted last year as my New Year’s Day photo. Gotta love working with layers in PhotoShop.

I’m getting used to working the digital camera (translation: I’m learning from all the mistakes I’ve made). My poor film cameras have been lying dormant, but one of these cold winter nights, I’ll take them out to capture some stars.

Photo montage: Destination (Can you get there from here?). Image © 2008 James Jordan.


Steve said...

Oooo, cool. Craters on the moon. Craters in the sand. Very surreal.

engloy said...

Nice work, James. Just proves that it's the person behind the camera that counts and not the camera itself (cliched as that sounds). I enjoy having a point-and-shoot around with me too on my holiday trips, useful for snapshots and also for the occasions when I might have possibily missed the shot if I rummaged around to find my SLR.

I cannot begin to imagine what kind of beautiful pictures you'd create if you had a DSLR :)

Wanda said...

Oh...I love what Steve said...Yes I agree how lovely up above and down below...!! :)

lissa said...

beautiful combination