Thursday, January 10, 2008


Winter tries its best to erase the lines of demarcation on the land, and sometimes succeeds, if only for a short while. Like the farmer who originally moved the rocks from the center of the field to its edges, creating a fence, we all ascribe borders for our lives. I’ve cleared and claimed this portion of my life. I go this far and no farther.

Sometimes that’s a good thing. Behaviors, attitudes and responsibilities are held in check by self-imposed or societal borders.

Sometimes borders take the form of limitations and become excuses for not doing better things. I’m too old. I’m not smart enough. It’s too late. I might fail. Nobody supports me. Those are the borders that need to be crossed every so often. The only passport you need is the determination to give it a go.

Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


Wanda said...

Oh James....Every time I think I have picked my favorite of all times come up with one that blows my mind.
There is something about this one that reaches deep inside me and I just sigh.......and sigh......and sigh! :)

Sheila said...

Another wonderful photo. It's so lovely and your words touched a cord with me today.