Sunday, December 02, 2007

A little traveling music, if you please

Courage, hope and friendship – all in the context of finding one’s way home again. That’s the vision that Italian composer Francesco Lettera held when he created The Wizard of Oz, a symphonic poem honoring L. Frank Baum.

Mr. Lettera recorded his work and recently released it on DharmaSound, an internet label based in Italy which offers 30 titles under Creative Commons licenses, which means the works are available for download at no charge for non-commercial use.

Mr Lettera contacted me a few weeks ago asking permission to use my photograph Into the Sun (above) as cover art for his CD. He discovered the photo while searching Flickr, where I cross post many of my pictures. Once I understood how he was distributing his work, I readily agreed.

The Wizard of Oz is a richly orchestrated, multi-textured work in six movements. The entire work can be downloaded along with artwork for a CD label and CD sleeve. Lettera’s two previous albums are also available at DharmaSound, along with works by a number of other artists.

Who knows? I may have just solved your holiday gift giving for everyone on your list.

Click on pictures to enlarge. Into the Sun © 2007 James Jordan.


Wanda said...

Sounds wonderful..thanks for the link. The photo is stunning! A path well trodden!

Lisa said...

What an amazing and gorgeous picture! Congratulations on getting your work recognized!

HeyJules said...

That is so cool! I, too, had a photo picked out off of Flickr a few weeks back to be used in a Stanford University brochure to help advertise a new major in atmospheric something-or-other. What a kick it is to know something you produced found a way to be shared with others.

Beautiful photo he chose of yours. He's got good taste!

Sheila said...

The Internet is a wonderful connector. As always, a great photo and it's nice to see you getting wider exposure. I couldn't resist the pun. Sorry.

~m2~ said...

wow, how pleased i am for you!!

very, very cool james :)

Test said...

Hello Everyone,

thanks to James: my ears, your eyes.
All over the...rainbow.

The "Wizard" Francesco Lettera "of OZ".

Kim said...

And a gorgeous photo he chose for the cover! :) Congrats James!

AGK said...

What an amazing honor for you! And it's such a beautiful shot!!!