Thursday, November 22, 2007


There is a trace of snow in the ground this morning, the house is filled with the smell of Thanksgiving dinner cooking and will soon be filled with people who love and care for each other. On this day of giving thanks, here are a few things for which I am thankful:

I live in a world that I can look at in wide-eyed wonder from time to time and sometimes get to capture a small part of that wonder with my camera.

I serve a God who I can also gaze upon in the same wonderment and awe.

I am surrounded by family and friends.

And I'm thankful for you, for your visits here and comments. It makes the last two and a half years of posting photos and thoughts from my part of the world very worthwhile.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


Test said...

Hello James,

I'm a composer and I would like to use your photo "Into the sun" [ ] as a cover of my new album.

Can I?
I will publish my album with Creative Commons Licenses and I will insert your flickr link.
The name of album will be "The Wizard of Oz".

I hope you will accept my request.
Please, use my email to contact me:

Kilroy_60 said...

This, I think, is best defined as...the stuff of life.

Wanda said...

Is that not the sweetest face in the World...eyes in wonderment! Love it!

Charity said...

beautiful picture of a beautiful baby boy! fit's perfectly with your post! he looks like he's gazing up at God in wonder! lovely! :-)