Monday, November 05, 2007

A Simple Brown Leaf

Wasn’t it just yesterday that the leaves were new and green and summer seemed a million miles away? Time has flown. This leaf has served its purpose for the tree from which it came, and now lies fallen with its comrades. It now serves another purpose – nutrient for the soil in which the tree grows.

In the imaginative mind of short story writer L.J. Davis, leaves sometimes perform extra duty.

The wind picked up and tenderly plucked the simple brown leaf from the tree which it called home. It was unsuspecting. Moving gingerly back and forth in the gentle breeze, flittering casually as the wind tickled its papery form, the leaf did not expect to be taken away so soon. It did not seem that long ago when it first unfolded from sprout to maturity. How could time move so quickly, it thought.
Read the rest of L.J. Davis' short story A Simple Brown Leaf.

Monday photoblogging: You may feel the entire world is out to get you, but don't go down without a fight.

Photograph: Fallen. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


Wanda said...

I don't see anything "simple" about this magnificent shot. Intricate and delicate and wonderful! Thnaks James.

James said...

Thank you for being a regular visitor and commenter. I don't always get back to respond to comments, but it's good knowing that someone appreciates what I have to share.

Kim said...

Nothing simple here - just a wonderful capture of color and detail and light. I really like how you focused in on the leaf, allowing everything else to play a "supporting role" to the star of the show. Very well done James!

Shannon said...

Wanda and Kim are right, James. This is stunning.

LJ Davis said...

James...I happened upon your web site and saw your beautiful pictures. When I wrote A Simple Brown Leaf, these were the pictures of my mind. You have absolutely captured the essence of the beauty that is bound up in the simple things of our lives...leaves, trees, sky, earth. Seeing your leaf photo and "what the squirrel saw," I am reminded of a childhood connected to these magical wonders; when I would take off for hours in the hills by my grandparents home. They are simply magical! Thank you!

James said...

Funny that I was searching Google for something to inspire some words for my blog post and I came across your web site. A Simple brown Leaf seemed the perfect fit for my photo. Take care.