Monday, September 24, 2007

Nelson Point sunset

This is the view of the sunset from Nelson Point in Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin - if you’re looking from about 12 inches off the ground. The beach is mostly rocky and barren, but the occasional plant grows and thrives in the protected spaces between the large rocks on the perimeter.

I’ve said before that Door County, the peninsula that separates Green Bay from Lake Michigan, is basically a large rock covered with a layer of dirt left over from the glacial history of the Great Lakes region. While there are a few sandy beaches, the place where and land meets water is primarily rocky; tall bluffs rise from the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan, a statement to the determination of the intrepid people who first inhabited this wild area.

Today, the artist enclaves, boutique shops, inns and restaurants are the latest in the evolution of the pioneer spirit of the people who make their homes here. They too have found their protected spaces within the cracks of the rocks.

Photo is a blend of two exposures to increase dynamic range. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


Otto K. said...

This is really beautiful, James. Great lighting with this exposure blending.

Kim said...

Great capture of color and light, from the expansive sky to the tiniest of plants. Wonderful shot!

Wanda said...

Great picture, the color, the texture, the light...nice.

Anonymous said...


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