Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy autumn!

Last spring, I did a blog giveaway of virtual flowers. Dozens of bloggers took me up on the offer and posted flowers on their blogs. It was fun to see the meme spread around the world. With the coming of the autumn equinox within the week, I've updated the meme to an autumn theme. Copy the code snippets below and post to your blog to get in on the "Autumn is ..." meme. Let's see how far we can spread this! By the way, for those of you south of the equator, the Spring flower meme is still available!

Copy and paste this code into your blog post (do not alter or edit):

Want something smaller for your sidebar? Copy and paste this HTML code into your blog template (Do not alter or edit the code):

Instruct your blog readers to click your “Autumn is …” picture to get their own HTML code and keep the virtual greeting going. Let’s see how far we can spread this "spirit of autumn" meme!

Fall photograph © 2007 James Jordan. HTML code may be freely copied and distributed.


Wanda said...

James: I don't have a clue how to cut and past into my blog, template, etc. Sound good but I'm afraid to try,

Soccer said...


We really enjoyed having the Virtual Flower on our page and have upgraded for Autumn


Soccer, Lilly, Little Missy, Max and Hershey

lisa-marie said...

Thanks, James!

kelwick said...

Thanks, Jim! Posted it on my blog.