Friday, August 17, 2007

Faithful light

The old pier light in Racine, Wisconsin has not shed any meaningful light over the waters of Lake Michigan for more than two decades, and in fact faced the wrecking ball in the 1980s. A hue and cry from the city’s residents convinced the U.S. government to turn the structure over to local control. It may not have been needed for maritime traffic, but as a navigational aid to the community’s past, still held immense value.

The light now stands on a rocky pier that marks the entrance of the Root River and keeps watch over the park that surrounds the Reefpoint Marina, its illumination more decorative than directive. Four floodlights illuminate the empty lantern room, its light long since removed.

But present realities often don’t matter when you’re sailing into the past.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.

Photography news: Jay Kaycappa, a British paparazzo convicted of assaulting Heather Mills McCartney in order to snap her picture, has been sentenced to community service for the attack. In Kaycappa’s case, locking him up may have been of better service to the community.

Photo find of the day:Natural Light” by Zsaj on Flickr.


Wanda said...

I love the composition on this one. The dark shadows and trees and rocks, and then wow, the lighthouse. Nice.

JAM said...

I agree with Miss Wanda, I LOVE the composition of this one.

You blog always has the nicest surprises as I scroll down.