Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tiger lily ball

This is a tiger lily stalk in full bloom (well, almost), as viewed from directly above. The past weekend was cool, gray and damp. After the rains paused momentarily on Saturday, I looked for something to photograph among the flower beds around my home.

I glanced over the railing on my deck and saw this looking back at me. A simple, pleasant surprise. So I obliged and photographed it.

Sometimes we get too immersed in our busyness or overcome by gray days and overlook the small gifts that are all around us, just waiting for someone to notice.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


JAM said...

A lovely bunch of flowers, and great work on the photograph, too.

I have a screwy back, and sometimes I hurt to much to drive, park, and wander, which is my ususal M.O. So on days I hurt, I try to wander around my yard and even inside the house with a critical eye, looking for something to shoot. You're right, sometimes great subjects are within a few steps of where we store our cameras at home.

I've never seen a tiger lilly before.

Wanda said...

Absolutely stunning...and they are smiling... everyone of them.
and two yet to open...great shot.

James said...

jam, sorry to hear about your back. I agree that trying to see familiar things in a new light can make for some interesting pictures.

wanda, thanks!

Naomi said...

The Tiger Lilly is my favorite flower. I've never seem them presented so absolutely beautifully before. Thank you for sharing such inspirational work with the rest of the world, and please continue to do so. You have an eye for things that are elementally gorgeous in nature. This sure has brightened my cloudy day. Thanks again...