Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Preparing to be invaded

A once-in-17-years event is about to take place in northern Illinois. This is the year that Brood XIII of the 17-year cicada emerges en masse from underground. The stories from those who endured the last event are plentiful – billions of insects emerging across Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan; several days of 100dB mating calls; a month later scooping the dead bugs off driveways and sidewalks with snow shovels; restaurants serving deep-fried cicada.

I lived in Michigan 17 years ago and pretty much missed the excitement. I’ve been in Illinois for 16 years, and recently have listened to the locals talk about the last invasion. Today is the day experts predicted the mass emergence would appear, but some think that a recent spate of cold weather may delay the inevitable for a few days or so. A few random sightings have been reported in the Chicago area, but nothing in my neck of the woods just yet.

I did not take the photo above, but I do hope to get some photos of the local cicada invasion very soon. Update: More cicada photos here.

Update: Last evening saw a mass of Cicadas emerging in Villa Park and a few emerged in Elmhurst this morning. Sightings were reported in Peoria and Homewood earlier in the week.


Cedar Waxwing said...

I'm hoping they are late - I'm going to Elgin in early June to take care of my dad for a week, and I adore cicadas. When they were out East a couple of years ago I spent most days taking photos & movies of them.

Sandy Burger said...

Maybe this is the day Jesus will come back!

Christina said...

did that cicada bite you, or have you ever been bitten by one? if so please let me know at froggie23@hotmail.com
I am trying to find out the chances of a cicada biting because I was bitten by one once.