Saturday, May 26, 2007

Landmark lost

Though surrounded by industrial parks and major expressways, the Teeple Barn in Elgin, Illinois did not fall to the wrecking ball to make way for new development. Last Thursday night, the barn fell to natural causes. Strong winds toppled the 122-year-old structure.

From the McHenry, IL Northwest Herald:

“There was some wood damage inside, and it just could not stand up to that wind,” said Carroll Teeple, whose husband’s great-grandfather, Lester Teeple, had the barn built in 1885.

The barn’s roof, she said, had only tar paper and was awaiting shingles. When it rained, the inside would get wet and weaken the structure.

“Time was just not on our side, and Mother Nature had gotten to the barn before we did,” Teeple said.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is unlikely that the barn will be restored.

Top photo © 2007 James Jordan. Inset photo © 2007 The Daily Herald.


Wanda said...

What sad, sad story and ending to a beautiful structure!

JAM said...

That's terrible. I hate to see such nice things go. Your photo of it is absolutely first rate. Beautifully done.

James said...

wanda and jam,
I live on the edge of the Chicago metro area and many old barns are falling to make way for development. It's inevitable, but still sad to see the vestiges of a past way of life disappear completely.