Monday, April 30, 2007

Toy store

Actually it’s Macy’s (formerly Marshall Field and Co.) in Chicago. Rising from the ashes of the great Chicago fire in 1871, Field built a retail giant. The store takes up an entire city block and its buyers travel the world to find merchandise.

I was fortunate enough to join a group of photographers on a walking tour of Chicago’s architectural landmarks while at the North America Photoblogger’s meetup last weekend. Devyn, our group’s tour guide, shared his extensive knowledge of Chicago’s landmarks and took us to some touristy but cool places on which to train our camera lenses.

This was taken from the fifth level of the store into the atrium. A little strategically applied blur helps give the impression that this is a miniature display. But no, it was indeed full size and a long way down when I took the picture.

More on the NAP 2007 meetup can be found here. An NAP group on Flickr has been dedicated to photos of this past weekend.


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Alicia said...

love the perspective (: