Friday, April 06, 2007

Seeking a sign

Jeff, the Weak-Minded Pessimist (although I’d categorize his mind as anything but weak) likes to poke fun at those people who go gaga over vague images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on everything from tortillas and grilled cheese sandwiches to tree bark and aqueducts in Chicago. Then there are those who have themselves crucified on Good Friday. Well, okay, a lot of people poke fun.

More than anything, people are hungry for a sign that validates their belief. Jesus even knew in advance that this would happen. He told some people who asked Him for a teensy miracle (to prove who He said He was) that their entire generation wanted to see signs. Jesus said they only needed one – that three days after dying, He would come back to life.

This is the weekend we commemorate and celebrate that definitive sign. No need for self-destruction or waiting for the perfect piece of toast to appear on eBay.

So why did I choose to post the photo of a waterfall in Starved Rock State Park in central Illinois on Good Friday? Take a look at the base of the falls. The water fell in a perfect pattern to form the head and shoulders of a man.

Those of you who need a little sign – go for it.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.


lisa-marie said...

That's a beautiful picture! Well done! Have a Happy Easter! Rejoice!

Alastair said...

I agree with Jeff

It's definitely Elvis!

keep up the great blog


Hopeful Spirit said...

Beautiful photo.

But you're all wrong. It's Janice the blonde hippie-chick Muppet. You didn't see the long hair falling over each shoulder?