Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A full moon by any other name

You know the Harvest Moon and perhaps even the Hunter’s Moon, not to mention the occasional Blue Moon. Meet the Worm Moon, which I photographed from my backyard on Monday night. (By the way, tips for shooting moon photos are posted on my photo advice blog. See if you can figure out how I shot this photo.)

Each full moon has a name dating back to northern Native American tribes who kept track of the seasons by giving each full moon a distinctive name. The Worm Moon got its name by the fact that by this time of year, the ground is softening after the winter freeze and worms begin to emerge.

Here are the other names, listed in the month they generally occur (since the moon’s cycle is slightly less than a calendar month, the moons may change months from year to year):

January: Wolf Moon. Wolf packs howled hungrily under this moon in the dead of winter.
February: Snow Moon. To mark the month of heaviest snowfall.
March: Worm Moon. Explained above.
April: Egg Moon. Birds return from the south to mate.
May: Flower Moon. For obvious reasons.
June: Strawberry Moon. Marked the ripening of the strawberry harvest.
July: Buck Moon. Antlers of young bucks begin to appear.
August: Sturgeon Moon. The month when these fish were most readily caught.
September: Harvest Moon. Provides light for farmers to work late gathering their crops.
October: Hunter’s Moon. Time to hunt – fields are cleared, leaves have fallen, game is fattened.
November: Beaver Moon. Time to set traps for winter fur.
December: Cold Moon. Winter’s coming.

Spring Meme update: I gave away some virtual flowers in honor of spring a couple of weeks ago. Flowers sprouted all over the world. Heipet from Germany took me up on the offer and went one better. She has a lens at Squidoo where she has turned the Spring Meme into a blog party. Check out how you can get involved.

Below are my contributions to the online musings of the season:

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Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Will Williams said...

I'm amazed how you got the blur of the clouds but kept the moon in focus, I always get it the other way round! Good Job.

Princess Haiku said...

OOh, this is just gorgeous. I love pictures of twilights, moons and rare flowers. You have a wonderful blog.

Heidrun Peters said...

Hi James, heipet here. Did not go too well with the Spring Meme last year, did it ... Have now added your Full Moon photo to StumbleUpon! Warmly, heipet