Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This old schoolhouse

The teachers who taught in one-room schoolhouses were a dedicated lot. They would often arrive early on cold winter mornings to start a fire in the potbelly stove, teach their students throughout the morning and prepare a hot meal on top of the stove for lunch before teaching throughout the afternoon. One former one-room schoolhouse student recalls that her teacher cared for her and her classmates “like a new mother hen would care for her newly hatched chicks—always looking out for their health and welfare."

I could have used that stove on the day I photographed the little red schoolhouse, above, in Door County Wisconsin. The temperature hovered in the teens and a stiff wind buffeted me as I walked the field across the road from the building as I looked for an angle from which to shoot.

This schoolhouse is now a private residence in Door County, Wisconsin, the responsibility for educating the community long since has transferred to facilities that are more modern. There are a number of schoolhouses throughout the county. Some house historical museums, some have found new purpose as shops and art galleries, and some, like this one, house growing families.

Another photo of this schoolhouse is featured prominently on the blog of Gena Suarez, publisher of The Old Schoolhouse magazine, and at least a couple of bloggers on my blogroll are educators. Thanks for touching the future.

Great night photograph

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


V. Schroeder said...

James, one of my favs of your pictures, since the other view that you link to, now hangs proudly in my office. I still feel lucky winning for just being a reader who caused your site meter to click over to a memorable number. It was great, and I'm still viewing your photos regularly and enjoying them very much. V.

James said...

v., glad the photo has found a prominent place in your home! I recall you being my 20,000th visitor. Glad to have you come by!