Saturday, December 23, 2006

My 2006 faves: March

When you’re a photographer by hobby or profession, you tend to look at everything with an eye toward its photo potential. As I’ve driven around the area back and forth from work or shopping trips, I’ve noted several locations that could be nice if the conditions were right.

This tree sits in a field adjacent to a park located off a busy four-lane road near my home in Elgin, Illinois. I’d driven past this tree many times over the years, always intending to stop by someday to photograph it. I finally made good on my intentions last March.

This tree photo was part of a series of pictures taken within just a couple of miles from my home. You’ll find the entire series in the March 2006 archive. I’ve been to a number of places across the U.S. to take pictures. On this day, I learned that that’s one way to see the world. Another way is to look at the nearby world through new eyes.

New "how-to" photo blog: I've started a new blog to share the things I've learned about taking pictures over the course of the last eight years. Someday it will be a robust site with dozens of tips, but for now, it's being built one post at a time as I find time to add to it. You can participate by leaving comments, asking questions and making suggestions for what you'd like to see covered. The main point of the site is that the tips are geared to work with any type of camera and at any skill level. They worked for me. they'll work for you.

Check out Ready, Aim, Click.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Rachel said...

found your through and i love this fire picture!

Diane - Daily Walks said...

Simply gorgeous. Wishing you a blessed New Year, James. I look forward to seeing more of your thoughtful images.