Monday, November 13, 2006

Minimalist photo of the day

Ain't she a butte?

The Citadel, Wupatki National Monument, Arizona. 30 seconds at f22, 100 ISO. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


leeroy said...

I love that graduated blue sky. Something so peaceful about it.

Your shot reminds me of the artwork from this album:

ROB said...

Breathtaking image. This is the kind of thing I wish came out of my camera.

Jem said...

Gorgeous James! Did you get my invite for weeklyshot? :)

kathryn said...

Hi! I'm happy I stumbled across your blog. I'm enjoying your work. This is a fantastic shot of earth and sky, the sort that brings a sense of wonder and possibility.

Marion said...

Wow! I love that blue!

James said...

leeroy, it was quiet and peaceful. Just me, the breeze and the night sky.

rob, you've got some impressive images at neverhappen. I especially like the moonrise over the city. kep it up!

jem, yes, i did get your invitation, thank you! I signed up at weekly shot, but so far, haven't joined in the competition there.

kathryn, glad you came by, and thanks for noticing that I try to depict a sense of wonder in my shots!

Marion, for some reason, the sky in Arizona seems bluer than where I live in the midwestern U.S. The early evenings there are incredible.