Tuesday, October 24, 2006

South Rim sunset

The thing about the Grand Canyon that surprised me the most on my first trip there was the range of color I was able to capture. I purposely avoided taking pictures during the day, since the bright sun would create contrast problems. Instead, I hoped the flatter, more even light of late day/early evening would afford better opportunities for striking images.

The flat light that emerged as the sun slid below the rim of the canyon seemed to awaken a range of blues and magentas that I had not anticipated. I took a number of long exposures long after the late afternoon crowd of tourists had left the Devil's Den overlook.

I’m trusting my memory since I shoot with film and my camera doesn’t capture any exposure information with my shots. I believe this shot was at ½ or 1 second at f22 with a graduated neutral density filter to even out the tones of the sky and canyon walls.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Nick said...

Great color. The blues are wonderful. I really like sunrise images. Good job of now letting the sun blow out the image.

Sheila said...

It's fun to see the images from your trip. Nice shot.

Marion said...

This is so beautiful! The colours are otherworldly.

Rogerio Maciel said...

Very nice picture. I also like sunset pictures. Here is a "urban" sunset, shot in Brazil:


Best regards,