Saturday, October 07, 2006

Empty beach

The first thing that greets visitors to the beach in Evanston, Illinois is a large sign informing that the beach is officially closed. Summer has faded into autumn. The bright light and colors are now muted. The crowds are gone.

The skies last weekend over the Lake Michigan shoreline provided a variety of moods, as the last several posts here have shown. Glad I decided to go to the beach.

Taken with 35mm lens, 2-stop graduated neutral density filter. 1/60 at f3.5, 100 ISO. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Nick said...

Nice shot. What does it mean when the beach is officially closed?

James said...

nick, it doesn't mean much, apart from there being a lack of lifeguards on duty and if an official-type person caught you there, you could be asked to leave.

thatsteveguy said...

My parents live on the southern coast of Lake Michigan in the Indiana Dunes. A "closed" beach is good news to most locals in that it is way less crowded and we can take our dogs for un-leashed runs! In most situations, "closed" just means no official park personel are present and that what you do there is at your own risk.