Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rocks and water

I’ve mentioned that I cross post many of the photos here at Points of Light on Flickr. You can post photos on your own photo page, but you can also post them to themed groups. One group is called Rocks and Water. The subject matter of the photos in this group should be obvious. A discussion group post associated with Rocks and Water wondered what is was that group members found fascinating about the subject and suggested that, after all, humans are made up of nothing more than rocks and water. Hmmm … gotta think about that one some more.

This photo is of High Falls at the Minnesota/Canada border. Flickr ranks photos through a complex algorithm that determines the relative popularity of an image based on views, comments and bookmarks each photo receives and the speed at which it receives them. The top 500 pictures each day are then featured on a set of pages called Explore. High Falls is currently among the top 50 photos uploaded on September 19. Not bad considering that Flickr gets a half million photo uploads a day.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


V. Schroeder said...


Hillary said...

That's SO cool! Congrats! It IS a beautiful picture!

A friend of mine has a series that could totally fit under rocks and water, too bad he's not on flickr! His series is here if you're interested: (and no, I'm not trying to peddle anything, it just related! haha!)

Mick Gordon said...

Amazing picture, I can understand the attraction, it is rocks and water that I find more enticing than anything. As a caver it is where the water goes in the rock that really leaves me wondering. I went so far as to actually publish a book on the topic last year.