Monday, August 21, 2006

Horsing around

The guitarist photo from my previous post was part of a photo shoot for a CD cover. More about that in future posts. But the sequence was shot near an old barn which housed a number of horses. Occasionally, a horse or two would take a peek out of one of the barn's windows at the photographic proceedings below.

This particular equine had the strangest grin, so I snapped its portrait while he (or she?) tried to creep me out. And actually for a second, it did.

Click on picture to get the full effect of the mysterious horsey smile. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


alicia said...

haha. looks like the horse is giving you a good stare.

Chris Pittock said...

Very spooky. I wouldn't like to meet him (or her) on a dark night.

Perhaps it was the way you said 'Cheese' that did it?

James said...

I forgot to mention that the name of the village in Illinois where I took these photos is Sleepy Hollow.