Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pullet surprise

This cluck seemed to be in a fowl mood as I set up this shot at the Kane County Fair. Actually, we engaged in quite the staredown, which made it much easier for me to compose and focus in the dimly lit pavilion.

Don’t know much about chickens (except that they taste like … chicken), but this bird and its cagemate looked like fine specimens to me.

New blog topsite: Blog Village is a new group of blogs that feature a family-friendly tone, and one that I was invited to join, which I did. Most of you regular blogging visitors to Points of Light would definitely qualify for membership. Check it out here:
  • Blog Village Top List

  • Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


    test said...

    James, love the chicken picture. What a capture. Just wanted you to know I had a few minutes to post. I'm working on some recent pix from Yellowstone. Stop by Devonaire Eye for a look. Craig in Indiana

    V. Schroeder said...

    The picture is great, but so is the title! That's a gem. And I stopped by the Blog of the gentleman who just previously commented and he has some great stuff! So I have benefited, just from reading your comments!

    James said...

    Craig, I stopped by earlier and left you a note. The geyser photo is fabulous!

    V., It's the magic of the blogosphere at work. One of the reasons I don't use a feed reader to visit blogs is because I can't see the comments, where the real conversations take place.

    Glad you got the intended pun of the title!

    The Elginite said...

    Great picture.