Monday, June 19, 2006

Seeing red #2

This is the Fred A. Busse, former City of Chicago fire boat. Instead of dousing flames, the vessel now takes tourists sightseeing around Sturgeon Bay in Door County Wisconsin. This particular evening, the Busse was docked near the downtown steel bridge that spans the bay.

The Busse was built in 1937 in Bay City, Michigan. Fred A. Busse was mayor of Chicago from 1909-1912. His administration was noted for a number of scandals involving payoffs to businesses to which he was connected. Perhaps it was fitting that Busse have a fire boat named after him since he had to tend to so many political fires during his tenure as mayor.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


DaveM said...

That looks are very interesting bridge in the background. Have you ever thought a doing a series of bridge photographs, as there are many very interesting ones in the US. I have always been faascinated by bridges and once got "Bridges of Madison County" out of the library thinking it would be about bridges..........Duh

V. Schroeder said...

Your "red" photos are great. Hadn't really thought about zeroing in on red, but they do "pop".

James said...

davem, I haven't given bridges much thought specifically, and yes, there are many fascinating ones in this country. I'll keep it in mind.

The book was kind of about bridges, in a metaphorical sense, I guess.

v., always appreciate you stopping by. Glad you like the red pictures.