Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Life goes on

My wife and I left Chicago last Friday under a cloudy sky as we drove to Door County, Wisconsin. As we headed north we saw clearing skies ahead of us. About the time we got to Sheboygan, we passed under the edge of the weather front. There were some very interesting cloud formations at the front’s boundary that I wanted to photograph. I told my wife I’d like to get off at the next exit to see what photo ops may present themselves.

Just before we got to the next exit my wife pointed out an interesting church steeple and suggested we check it out. The church and steeple were in a small town surrounded by Wisconsin farmland, an island in a sea of furrowed plots full of young corn plants. The steeple was indeed interesting, but even more interesting was the cemetery across the street from the church. Under the brilliant blue sky, ancient monuments marked the memory of those who had passed from this world to the next.

The weather patterns and growing seasons continue to come and go. Life does go on.

Cemetery, Cleveland, Wisconsin. 35mm lens, exposure 1/30 at f22. Circular polarizer and 81b warming filter. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Jack said...

Cemetery, Cleveland, Wisconsin...

James said...

Jack, Indeed. You must have been a copy editor at some point!

Jack said...

I almost feel I should apologise, James, but I won't. Your site is too good to have these dopey little things happen. They happen to all of us, no matter how careful we are, but it's good to clean them up, I think.

You're close with the copy editor thing. I'm retired but I proofread (voluntarily) for our local weekly newspaper. I volunteered to do that for the same reason. It's a really good paper but the typos and grammatical errors were driving me nuts so I thought I'd help get the product a little bit closer to perfection.

James said...

I really do appreciate your interest in keeping this site up to snuff. You're welcome to point out a misspelling any time. And I'll be more conscientious about using the spell-checker before I publish a post!