Sunday, June 18, 2006

Did you see what the cow herd?

These baffled bovine were oblivious to the sky above them as an approaching storm front sent layers of clouds over their heads. This was taken near Cleveland, Wisconsin, about an hour south of Green Bay. Not much here except rolling farmland, cows, and an occasional small town. Oh, yeah … and lots of sky.

So don’t be like the cows that only herd and did not see. Take some time to look around you. You may wind up seeing something pretty cool. It may moooove you. It may be udderly wonderful.

OK, I’ll stop now.

Like cows? Like cartoons? A guy who calls himself Stik has some funny cowtoons on his blog site.

Here's another group of cows I've had the privilege of meeting.

Photo taken with circular polarizer and 2x graduated neutral density filters. 1/30 at f16, ISO 100. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Tor said...

Having worked on a farm in my childhood in Maine, I've always wondered why tourists driving by cattle felt the urge to shout "Moo!" from their cars.

And why, when they asked, "Is it okay if I take some pictures of your cows?" and I said, "Sure," they felt I'd given them permission to climb over the fence and get right in the bull's face. Idiots.

James said...

Hi, Tor!
My wife was a farm girl and is my bovine advisor when I get the urge to photograph cows. Otherwise I would be one of those idiotic tourists. I know enough to show respect to the cows without the milk sacs.

Anonymous said...

cool picture! it looks 3D. At first i thought you did some sorta HDR thing to it and then noticed your info on the shot...2x grad...very neat!


James said...

It's the poor man's HDR. :-)