Saturday, May 13, 2006

Little blue car

Having seen some photos of late that use selective focus to make large scenes look like a miniature display, I thought I'd give it a try on some of my photos taken around Elgin on the day of the Elgin 1440 project.

This photo of a street corner was taken from the second level of a parking garage. I made some careful selections and applied some gaussian blur and desaturation in Photoshop to simulate the appearance of a model car on a miniature street.

More "minis" to come.


Les Becker said...

That is REALLY cool! I'm not so hot with all the features on my digital camera, so I play in photoshop a lot more than I should have to. This is a really neat idea... I picture myself climbing many high buildings in the next few weeks! LOL!

I came to you through BlogExplosion.

James said...

les, thanks for surfing by. Some people look down on too much PhotoShopping, and I used to think so, too. But I've come to discover that it's not that much different than the manipulations Ansel Adams made to his negatives and prints, I'm just using digital controls to do what he did manually.

Careful climbing those buildings - although this technique works from down low, too, as you'll see from a photo I'll post later this week.

Maria's Photos said...

I love your minis. They are really cool. Don't you just love Photoshop? I agree with you that those with dark rooms manipulate their photos manually. So, what's the difference?