Saturday, March 18, 2006

Self portrait in four colors

Jem always does such a nice job with her self-portraits. I had to do one of my own. This is me, underneath the skin. I had an MRI done to help diagnose some problems I've been having with my shoulder of late. After the procedure, the lab gave me a CD with the images on it to deliver to my doctor. Being the curious sort, I took a look at them on my home computer and copied a few, then added some color for fun.

This is the second MRI I've had done. The first was 20 years ago. My sister worked in the medical office at Michigan State University and learned that the school was looking for volunteers for a study on left-handedness. They were asked to undergo an MRI on their brains so researchers could measure the connective tissue between the brain hemispheres to see if lefties had a greater amount of connectors that righties. The experience then was akin to being slid into a PVC pipe just large enough to hold a human, then drummers from the marching band would come in and beat on the pipe. MRIs are done in a more open manner and they're much quieter now.

Ah, technology.

Click on the image to diagnose me. Photo © 2006 James Jordan and Spectrum Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.


James said...

Two things: They did discover that I indeed had a brain 20 years ago. I never got the results of that study.

I currently have tendinosis of the distal supraspinatis tendon. Ouch.

Jem said...

Aw thanks James.

I really like this - it's completely different to any self-portrait i've ever seen.

keltic&swiss said...

Very cool! Love it.

(sorry about the tendinitis. been there! but congrats on having a brain - was there ever any doubt? Us lefties are the smartest people around)

James said...

jem, I don't have the, um, surface features you have to work with, so I have to dig deeper.

k&s - yeah, rotator cuff. So much for my big league pitching career. Hey, there's still the Cubs!

Good to hear from a fellow lefty.