Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Peaceful sunset

The calm of this particular photo belies the tumult that was happening behind the lens.

Sunsets in Door County, Wisconsin, as in most popular tourist locales, is a spectator sport. During the summer and early fall months, harbors, marinas and beaches on the west side of the peninsula become meeting spots where visitors can view the final moments of sunlight as the solar globe sets over Green Bay.

I’ve met a number of people while photographing sunsets in Door County. I’ve answered questions about my photo equipment, where I’m from, what I think about the weather and so forth. It’s mostly pleasant conversation and after a few comments back and forth, people retire to themselves to quietly contemplate the skies while I continue to go about my work.

On this particular evening, I had found a turnoff on Shoreline Road in Peninsula State Park and for a while, had the small rocky beach all to myself. I had set up my shot and was waiting for the sun to lower itself into position in the frame. A van pulled up into the turnoff and a mom and three noisy teenagers began exploring the beach. It became apparent that the teens had no interest in the sunset and loudly argued amongst themselves about anything that came to mind while the poor mom tried to keep order. The teens yelled and threw rocks and sticks at each other and into the water, many of them in my field of view.

While this was going on, the sun arrived in position, and in between splashes, I managed to shoot a few frames. The mom herded the kids into something resembling a group on the shore for a photo with the setting sun behind them. She used a small disposable film camera with no fill flash. I’m sure the results were as disappointing as her kids’ behavior.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the background,it adds a lot knowing what happened to get the shot. And the shot is beautiful. V. Schroeder

James said...

V., thanks ... Photography is a lot like life. You can experience peace when all is well with the world around you, or you can capture it in spite of what's happening around you.

PhilB said...

Very nice shot James. The story certainly adds to the interest. Thanks also for the link the other day! ;-)

Wally Banners said...

hope you can snap a picture when I ran gets nuked :)