Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In the pink

Pink is the ubiquitous color of Bermuda. It is a pastel paradise where many houses, churches, boats and transit buses sport a roseate blush. Even real men wear pink in Bermuda. I was privileged to have visited there last year.

I spotted this rosy residence while waiting at a pink bus stop for an aforementioned pink bus.

Pink is the theme this week at Thursday Challenge. If you're in the mood for shades of salmon, casts of coral and flashes of fuschia, head on over. You'll be tickled pink, I think.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Snoo said...

Ah a warm one!
Certainly is pink!!
Great shot!

Jem said...

The house contrasts nicely with the lovely rich blue sky. Very nice James :)

James said...

snoo, all is not snow and ice here at Points of Light! Glad you like.

jem, that's exactly what caught my eye and made me want to risk missing the bus to get the shot. Thanks!