Monday, December 12, 2005

Shift change

The winter sun emerges over a cloud bank on the Lake Michigan horizon to relieve the Algoma, Wisconsin pier light of its nighttime duties.

This particular winter morning barely registered above zero degrees (somewhere around -15 for those using the Celsius scale, I believe). Brrrr.

Stay warm. Winter is here in the northern U.S.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan


Dave said...

Greetings from Elgin, Moray, Scotland.

James said...

Greetings to you as well! I understand that Elgin, Illinois, USA was named for your fair city.

Thank you for stopping by.

Jem said...

I'm so envious of the views you have around you ;) Lovely shot once again!

James said...

Thanks for the compliment. I do have to drive four hours to get there, but yes, I'm blessed to have some nice views in relatively short distance.

Jeff said...

I love the golden hue against the darkness.