Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Scenes from a hometown: Walton Island #2

This small pavilion sits along the promenade in the center of Walton Island situated in the Fox River in downtown Elgin, Illinois. In the background to the left is the Elgin Tower Building, a 15-story “skyscraper” built in 1929 and the prominent building in the downtown area.

According to this former resident of Elgin, the island area used to be a “scary” place. The advent of a floating casino about three-quarters of a mile from this island made a couple of things possible – more funds for local government entities to work with, and the political will to keep the area secure so as not to frighten away potential big-money gamers.

Their loss is our gain.

Click on pictures to enlarge. Images © 2005 James Jordan.


Ghone said...

Nice place to chill in the evenings?

Jem said...

Lovely night shot James. Beautiful blue hues :)

James said...

It really is a nice place to chill on summer evenings. These days, however, it's just chilly!

I was particularly struck by the contrast of golden light and the wood interior against the deepening twilight. Thanks!